What is MomUp?

MomUp is a community of savvy Moms who come together to exchange resources, share ideas and get inspired.  Motherhood is a crazy ride and we can’t do it alone.  Moms need other Moms, not to mention wisdom from people who know what we face.  MomUp provides both.  We offer workshops filled with Moms of similar-aged kids and practitioners who address topics all mothers need to learn about from eating to sleeping to Parenting 101.

Who Created MomUp

Stephanie Cuba headshot

Founder & CEO, Stephanie Cuba

Stephanie was a real estate lawyer, private equity director, real estate developer and consultant—and then founded MomUp.  Stephanie began MomUp to create forums for mothers to get together and discuss parenting issues.  

As a new mom,  Stephanie joined a parenting workshop with other new mothers.   But when it ended, all the mothers asked if it could continue, so Stephanie organized the group, found a meeting place and made it happen.  And then that workshop ended, and the mothers again asked if it could continue.  So Stephanie organized the group again to keep meeting.  The cycle kept happening and that same group is still meeting to this day.  

It was then that Stephanie realized an urgent need to create a peaceful and comforting place for mothers to gather and seek guidance from experts in the field as well as commiserate with other Moms.  MomUp was born.

Stephanie lives in New York City with her husband and two daughters, ages 3 and 5.